Chill-its® Cooling Bandanas

November 02, 2017

These Chill-it Bandanas things are pretty nifty.  I have used other such products, but they were bulky and really didn't stay cool very long.   But these Chill-its really do what they say they're going to do.  

When your bandana first arrives, the polymer material may be lumped into one pile within the bandana.  Fear not.  Once you soak your bandana, as demonstrated in the video below, you can manipulate the cooling material and spread it the length of the bandana.  And yeah, it does feel a bit slimy but when I put mine on, it wasn't uncomfortable or gross at all.   

Among the great things about this bandana, is the fact that it's small and you can pack right in your pocket  (or your Seriously Handy Hip Pack) and take it with you.  Of course to use it you will need access to water.  The colder the water, the better, but it still cools with whatever water is available. 

And, it's oh so stylish!  You can wear around your neck or as a headband or as modeled by yours truly.   

I live in the hottest and most humid part of Florida - we are about as far away from any seabreeze as you can be -- and taking care of horses in August can be unpleasant.  BUT I can tell you, this bandana makes a huge difference.  It truly helps you feel cooler all over.  As you can see, I was sweating bullets, but truly didn't feel as if I was going to melt.  It made the 95 degree temperature with 90% humidity very tolerable. 

Toss one in your shopping cart today.  You will not be disappointed.  But if for any reason you're not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.  

 If you wish to be cool in more ways than one, order yours today here!

Thank you for reading this commentary.  Until next time,


Happy Trails!


Andrea and "Bella"


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