Roman Glass Jewelry for the Goddess Who Dwells Within

December 30, 2017

 Roman Glass for the Goddess Who Dwells Within

What is Roman Glass?

Discovered during archaeological excavations in Israel, Roman Glass goes back more than two millenniums. Beautiful glass vases, urns, food storage jars and serving dishes were produced during the peak of the Roman Empire along the shores of Mediterranean utilizing sand from the beaches and dunes. Two thousand years later, chunks and shards of these jars and urns have been protected, shaped and colored by the same sands of the Mediterranean Sea.     

While these shards are of no value to the archaeologists, imaginative and talented jewelers have discovered the beauty and uniqueness of each piece and how those traits lend themselves to the creation of breathtakingly beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

It’s interesting to note that ancient contaminants manufactured into the glass, along with two thousands of years of exposure to the elements, is what gives color, iridescence, speckles and opaqueness to the once transparent glass.  

According to the Archaeological Institute of America, more glass was produced and used by the Roman Empire than any other civilization of that time. Ancient peoples learned the art of glassblowing during the first century BC. By the first centuries AD, glass vessels were an everyday household item.  In addition to food and beverage storage and serving, glass vessels were widely used as during funeral ceremonies, to sprinkle perfumes or offerings onto funeral pyres and subsequently to gather and store ashes of the departed.  Because of this use, there is widespread belief that the Roman Glass may hold spiritual elements.

CARE  Roman Glass jewelry is very beautiful but delicate. You’ll need to avoid exposing the glass to chemicals or immersing in water.  A little bit of rain won’t hurt but we recommends removing the jewelry before bathing or swimming.  If the Roman Glass is exposed to water the patina may be altered temporarily, however, the patina should return as the glass dries on its own.  Avoid rubbing or scratching the glass surface, as this could permanently damage the patina.  If the silver needs to be cleaned we recommend using a polishing cloth designed for sterling silver; however, take care to avoid contact with the glass.


Roman Glass CrossRoman Glass Heart Ring

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