Seriously! Trail Riders Take Notice!

October 31, 2017

This hip pack is the answer.


I have used cantle bags (too hard to reach from the saddle), pommel bags (too small) and saddle bags (clumsy, clunky and makes my horse sweat) .  Kind of like Goldilocks and three bowls of porridge, except I needed a fourth choice to find "just right."

La Bella Cavalla's Seriously Handy Hip Pack is ... well... seriously handy! Seriously!  Belt it around your waist and thigh.  It's loaded with pockets, you can carry your water bottle (or beverage of your choice), hoofpick, cell phone, car keys and maybe even fit a snack or two in there. Everything is right there within reach. No dismounting necessary. (Ok, if you need to check feet for stones and use your hoofpick, I suppose you'd have to dismount... but I digress) And in the very unfortunate event that you and your horse are separated, you have all your things safely with you.  Have you ever watched your cell phone, safely tucked inside your saddle bag, trot merrily back to the barn without you?  Yeah. Been there.

I tried this little gem out and loved it.  Rode for a few hours and barely noticed it there, didn't interfere with riding, mounting or dismounting (I put it on my left side). 

Give it a try.  If you don't love it. Return it and get your money back. It's that easy.  But I don't think you won't love it.   "Sul serio!"


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