Diffuser Necklace & Oil

La Bella Cavalla

Wear your favorite aromatherapy oil around your neck in this beautiful pendant. Change your color to suit your outfit; change your fragrance to suit your mood. Each necklace comes with an assortment of different color felt pads to hold your essential oil fragrance for hours. Shining, non-tarnishing stainless steel with magnetic closure. Chain included. Includes your choice of one-half oz bottle of 100% pure organic essential oil - Lavender, Lemongrass, Patchouli, or Frankincense. These are pure, undiluted oils.  Use sparingly and do not apply to the skin unless you dilute with a carrier oil.  One or two drops on the felt pad is all you need for your diffuser.

Organic Bulgarian Lavender -  Bulgarian lavender has a rich, floral scent. With some similarities to french lavender, it has antidepressant qualities, helps with anxiety and stress, encourages sleep and aids against insomnia. Bulgarian lavender has a very calming effect on the body.

Organic Lemongrass - With its uplifting aroma Lemongrass Essential Oil strengthens the senses, boosts self-esteem, confidence, hope, and mental strength, and it uplifts spirits and fights depression.

Organic Patchouli - The calming, antidepressant qualities of Patchouli Essential Oil encourage emotional grounding. Its sweet and spicy aroma combats fear, anxiety, and anger. 

Organic Frankincense Frankincense Essential Oil has a warm and spicy, woody fragrance that is haunting. Frankincense is said to have a centering effect on the emotions, helpful for working through feelings of worthlessness and finding one's value. Used traditionally for meditation and spiritual growth.

 If your favorite oil is not listed here, please send an email with your choice and we will do our best to provide it.





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