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La Bella Cavalla's Turmeric Blend

La Bella Cavalla

Our turmeric blend contains the recommended balance of high-quality organic turmeric root powder, fats (in the form of flaxseed), and freshly ground organic black pepper.
Turmeric known for its strong soothing, antioxidant properties, commonly used for digestion, skin, and joints.

CAUTION - Turmeric should not be fed in combination with blood thinning medications (or before surgery), ulcer medications, or NSAIDs (such as bute or banamine). If you are giving any other type of drug or medication to your horse, please consult your vet to make sure it is still safe to feed turmeric.

DISCLAIMER La Bella Cavalla's herbs, herbal blends and essential oils are not intended to diagnose or treat horses for any condition. Please seek veterinary advice for any problematic condition with your horse.

21-day supply



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