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Bella's Hand-Poured Soy Candle - Forest Trail Ride

La Bella Cavalla

There's nothing like the smell of a deep-wood trail on a crisp fall morning. La Bella Cavalla has captured that scent in our private label candle called, what else? Forest Trail Ride, or as Bella would say, "Cavallo Nella Foresta."

La Bella Cavalla candles are made with a unique soy blend wax and the finest essential oils available, hand poured in a high-quality glass tumbler. The wick is 100% cotton.  This candle will burn for about 90 hours and the pure essential oil aroma will smell as good at the last hour as it does when you first light it. This is NOT your "dollar store" candle.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Forest Trail Ride contains the scent of luxurious leather, blended with rich amber, warm woods and spice.  Take the scent of the forest trail back home with you. 

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11 oz glass tumbler

Price includes 2-piece gift box.






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